Computer Lab
Computer Lab

There are two computer labs that are open during the school day.  The computer lab is an open lab to which teachers may bring their students to work on a project. The goal of the computer lab is to infuse technology into the subject matter classes. Teachers may regularly bring classes to create a wide variety of projects that are integrated into their curriculum. During 1st-3rd period on MTW, students are welcome to work in their teacher.

Each computer lab is equipped with a computer with networking capability and a printer. The workstation is able to run multimedia software, to serve as a demonstration machine when hooked to a video projector or large monitor, and is linked to the network within our building and also to the internet. Each staff member also has an email account.

Computer classes are held in lab on MWF from 12:05 pm -2:30pm for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Students will be exposed to the software programs we have available as well as fulfill the requirements of the Technology Curriculum and the Core Curriculum Content Standards.

remaining days are available for teachers to sign up to work on other projects in the lab .

The Role of the Computer Teacher

  • To work with teachers to plan projects for each marking period
  • To provide teachers with technology resources to carry out the project
  • To insure that all students are getting into the lab
  • To insure that all students are receiving the necessary technology skills outlined in the Technology Curriculum and reflected in the Core Content Standards
  • To facilitate the projects with both the teachers and the students
  • To guide the students through the projects and to then support them during the time they are in the lab